Attack of the Titans (Original Soundtrack)

by Hyperbubble

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    A new cyberpunk soundtrack classic in the tradition of Flash Gordon, Logan's Run, and Blade Runner. Jam packed with Moog, vocoder, theremin, and dialogue from the film, ATTACK of the TITANS is non-stop electronic synth-rock action!

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Recording a soundtrack for a mini-movie starring panic-stricken puppets and 300 foot kids is a license to use scary Moog riffs and lots of Theremin. On their fifth full length album, ATTACK of the TITANS, Jess and Jeff of the Texas cyberpop duo Hyperbubble apparently also have a license to kill.

While their previous album, Drastic Cinematic, was the make-believe soundtrack to the best film noir sci-fi movie you never saw, ATTACK of the TITANS is actual movie music, created for, and inspired by the film of the same name. Snatches of dialogue from the film are sprinkled throughout, in the tradition of Flash Gordon, Logan's Run, and Blade Runner.

The album kicks off with a title track that fuses The Green Slime and Wonder Woman themes into a 45 second nuclear blast, followed by a seamless stream of spooky drones, technofunk, spacerock, industrial disco, and smash'em-up synthpunk. The action never lets up until the siren- laden electro-thrash climax.

With each new release, Hyperbubble continue to surprise their fans with musical twists and turns. Pure Pop for Now People Records are proud to add their latest stereophonic thrill ride to our label. So fire up the popcorn machine, put up your feet and crank up the volume. Ready... set... ATTACK!!!

Recommended if you like John Carpenter, Jerry Goldsmith, Giorgio Moroder, Devo, Yello, Stereolab, Goblin, Kraftwerk, and Yellow Magic Orchestra


released November 21, 2015

All music by Jess & Jeff DeCuir:
Korg Microkorg + Korg Vocoder + Moog Etherwave Theremin + Linn LM-2 + Invento Environmental Sound X Machine + Caltrox Speech Synthesizer + Atari 800 Computer + Roland Gaia SH 101 + Casio MT-500 + Casio CTK 471 + FLS TS-409 + Arp Odyssey + Metal Bars + Roladn TR 707 808 909 + Roland Juno-60 + Moog Minitaur + Access Virus TI-2 + Alesis Midiverb + Simmons SDHB2 + Oberheim Matrix + Moog Rogue + Waldorf PPG Wave 2V + Nord Lead + EMS VCS3 + Korg Monotron Delay + Nikon + Alesis D4 + ARP Omni + Eureka Presonus + Boss DR-55 + Pollard Syndrum + Casio MT-500 + EM&M Syntom II + Alesis HR-16 + Alesis Midiverb

Film sound by David Stinemetz
Voice talents: Brant Bumpers + Tamedra Jones + Valerie Tapia + Paul Vaughn + Pete Barnstrom



all rights reserved


Hyperbubble Texas

Jess = Vocals + Keyboards + Theremin + Electronic Drums + Stylophone

Jeff = Vocals + Synthesizers + Sequencers + Electronics Drums + Vocoder

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