Pictures of Paradise (Nightmare Mix by Pouff)

from by Hyperbubble



Remixed by Pouff

Pouff's sneaky remix of Pictures of Paradise is a triple-decker treat of girl-group vocals, stacatto strings, and acrobatic breakbeats. Pouff swiped the original song, threw it into Photoshop, re-animated it, and imported it into his own crazy cartoon world, resulting in something the Pink Panther would seriously dig. Hyperbubble recently returned the favor, christening Pouff's latest track, Doodle Bug Calisthenics.


from Candy Apple Nightmares, released October 31, 2010



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Hyperbubble Texas

Jess = Vocals + Keyboards + Theremin + Electronic Drums + Stylophone

Jeff = Vocals + Synthesizers + Sequencers + Electronics Drums + Vocoder

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